“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

I peek over the edge.

I can no longer see the white sand of the sea bed.

Without hesitation, I jump into the deep blue Caribbean water and swim to shore.

I am five years old and my dad is standing on Paradise Beach, shocked but proud.

His son had finally done it.

I will continue to live like this -
    to never accept the status quo,
        to believe that the only way to grow is to take the plunge,
            even in the face of extreme uncertainty,
                to challenge what others say can't be done.

This takes courage, which I have not always had.

        Yet, I believe that with the strength of God and with the support of those whom I cherish, I can effect change around me.

In my Barbados and the Caribbean, the opportunities for me to transform the landscape are endless.

    I want to help kids be innovative entrepreneurs,
        to assure young mothers that there is hope for the future,
            to provide homes for the homeless,
                to establish avenues for the athlete to be a champion not only in his country but also on the world stage.

The waters are calling me once again.

— Clint Lawrence