“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Sometimes I'm just ordinary. Sometimes, a mere hour after breakfast, my stomach asks: what's for lunch? When is lunch, anyway? Sometimes I worry about my next paycheck: will it cover everything I need? What about everything I want? Sometimes I wonder what others think of me when I laugh the way I do: Why isn't anyone else laughing? Do they think I'm weird?

But other times, I laugh. I laugh a lot. A lot of things can make me laugh: an unexpected remark, or a sudden mood shift in a song. A breath of fresh wind that makes a pair of leaves dance. A toddler turning to offer me her sincere smile.

I laugh whenever I see past the everyday ordinariness of life and glimpse a different (better!) path. The same thing happens when I dream. When I dream, I see beyond what is today into a better world that could be, and I see myself daring to make those dreams come true. In my dreams, everyone laughs.

So I want to never stop laughing, and never stop seeing, and never stop dreaming.

— Cabin Kim