“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

I remember sitting in my grandmother's Brooklyn kitchen as a kid while she prepared little-meatball soup and stuffed artichokes and told me stories of her childhood in Agropoli, Italy. My grandmother's fondness for her homeland inspired me to travel and study there many times. To this day, I see Italy through sunflower-colored glasses, and absolutely nothing prevents me from enjoying each moment of my adventures.

I want to live every day as if I am traveling in Italy. I want to keep my sunflower-colored glasses with me and share them with everyone around me. So, I plan to...

Remain curious about my colleagues beyond their resumes. I will focus on what people say and do and how they act.

Keep eating peanut-butter-and-grape-jelly sandwiches to remind myself of the simplicity of childhood. In Italy, I'll stick to lunches of freshly baked bread, nutella, and blood oranges.

Support my brother's dream to open a thriving restaurant even if business-school training warns of slim odds of success.

Take shoe-making classes and design, market, and sell a line of fun and trendy, but shockingly comfortable, footwear.

Find my soul mate and ultimate best friend even if he has been fantastically tough to track down so far. I'll keep my eye out for someone with an appreciation for sunflower-colored glasses, or better yet, a pair of his own.

— Christine Cuoco