“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I want to get high.
I want to edge risk.
I want to climb to remember I am alive.
I plan to leave room for Nature in my business plans. I am going to the mountains and I will bring the mountains to you. I will help you listen to the music of the Earth and resist the temptation to digitalize it.

When is the last time you did not think about money?
I want to die rich. Rich with excitement from the top. Rich with adrenalin-packed memories and extra red blood cells.
I want to keep fighting: with the snow, the cold and gravity; against hubris and complacency; against transfats and SUVs.

It is about time I get started. Come on, I've just been educated a "responsible leader". There is no excuse left to postpone doing. What is left of my life, I plan to breathe every second intensely - into wilderness and into thin air where possible. I will strive to bring this intensity into your life by reconciling you with its outside inner self.

I want to get you high.

— Agnes Sauvage