“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

It is no longer a question. I can have it all.

As a little girl, my sister and I would dress up as cleaning ladies and prance around the house dusting. I would cook in my play kitchen, serve the food to my dolls, and coddle them as if I was the best mother of them all. I never put on a play suit and tie or stole my father's briefcase. I never pretended to be a working mother.

In sixth grade, I was asked to look into the future and write my autobiography. I discussed my career as a successful animator and my doctor husband. I talked about the long hours I worked and my mansion, but I never mentioned any children. Seems I thought then that working and being a mother was impossible.

It isn't fair that women have had to choose. I won't choose.

I will raise children who believe normal is playing in the kitchen while wearing a suit and tie.

I will go to work each day and create an environment where working mothers thrive. I will come home each night and prove to my children that they, too, can have it all.

I will be a mentor, leader, and change agent in the corporate world.

I will be a strong, successful working mother.

— Ali Nuger