“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I am not graceful or coordinated, but dancing allows my soul to transcend. To dance is to rise above obstacles and stretch beyond my reality. To dream. To take risks. To seek change.

I grew up with my mom as a single parent so after school I was usually home alone. A thousand times I danced my way around the house warding off the loneliness and fear to gain a feeling of hope, connectedness, and belonging to something greater than myself. I now realize how much an inner sense of belonging in the world inspires me to achieve great things.

These difficult times in my childhood I hope to never forget. They remind me to consider the kids who are growing up today even worse off than I did. America's working poor need better economic opportunities, and I believe a lot can be done to help them create these opportunities for themselves. I plan to play a part in this by finding a way to profitably provide investment education and less costly access to financial services. I believe it is possible to create a private equity fund dedicated to serving entrepreneurs from underprivileged backgrounds and providing both the training and investment capital they need to get started.

To create a better collective economic future, we need to transcend our current way of thinking about the world, to stretch beyond our individual realities, and see the basic needs of all others in the world as being legitimately equal to our own. We need to dance together.

— Anita Lynch