“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

I hope my life develops like my squash game. My first attempt at squash, like many situations in life, was uncomfortable and forced me to try something that I had no experience with nor was good at; I had trouble holding the racquet, let alone connecting my racquet with a rapidly moving, tiny black ball that barely bounces. While my first few squash outings were frustrating at best, my game improved with effort and perseverance. As the months went by, different parts of my game developed – drop shots, lobs, and my favorite, the powerful smash that leaves your opponent helplessly looking for the ball. Every time I step onto the squash court I try a new shot or strategy which makes me a better player overall.

The philosophy of continuous learning and improvement is something I want to incorporate into my life. Professionally, I hope to learn a new lesson from each experience, which in turn will help prepare me to succeed at my next challenge. I hope that success early in my professional life positions me to spend more time serving my family, community, and humanity. For example, being a dutiful son to my parents, raising God conscious children with my wife, and taking on leadership roles in community organizations to help people in East Africa reach their material and spiritual potential are all things I want to do in life. If I can accomplish this I will have succeeded. For success in my mind is to be able to use the good fortune and opportunity that we have been given by our Creator to help others.

— Abbas A. Kanji