“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

“What pisses you off?” My seatmate asked this simple question shortly after we met, and it has helped shape my search for purpose. I came to Harvard Business School with little clarity on long-term goals, seeing it as “tomorrow’s problem” and focusing more on enjoying the experience at hand. Part of that meant taking advantage of the ample travel opportunities. I opted to refrain from big “HBS treks” to feed my inner introvert with more solo travel exploring the U.S. National Park System. 

While HBS was not my entry point to the great outdoors, my search for solitude across giant Sequoia forests and snow-capped mountain peaks these past two years certainly reinvigorated my love for our parks. It also served as a stark reminder of their fragility. From warming oceans killing coral reefs to the presidential proclamation reducing Bear Ears National Monument by 85%, there are numerous threats to the survival of our parks.

And that really pisses me off. 

So I vow to channel this anger into action to defend our parklands. Because nothing would piss me off more than no longer being able to visit these incredibly beautiful and important places.

— Andrew Huynh