“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

I will build.

I built a car when I was six. A cardboard box drenched in watercolor and red crayon, with lids cut off to make four wheels, and a pizza tray bolted on for steering — it looked like something Fred Flintstone would drive. After hours of toil in my laboratory — the bedroom — it was ready for its maiden test drive. As I got in, the car gave way to my weight and collapsed.

Later, in my engineering classes, I learned that I had executed a "catastrophic failure," but I had already learned the bigger lesson that day — I want to build.

I will build, for what I build takes on a life of its own and can have meaning and purpose beyond the time I live.

I will build to express my raw self, to surface the discord between my emotion and reason...to be in perpetual self-transcendence.

I will build on my heritage, add to the family scrapbook...to share my present with the future.

I will build to unravel the unknowns, to tame them with my design...to be able to risk it all and materialize fantasy.

I will build to win, not to define myself, but to further ourselves...to unleash our infinite ability.

I will build for people, to change their routine, to solve their problems... to inspire them to build.

I will build, for I am capable and have been given the opportunity to do so.

And I want to build that cardboard car again...but this time in green.

— Aditya Dhanrajani