“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

I plan to eat peaches
     catch fireflies 
          sing loudly in the street 
               laugh belly-aching laughs 
                    love until my heart bursts
                         skinny dip in cool summer water 
                              sip salty sweet margaritas 
                                   wear floppy hats
                                        grow parsnips and rutabaga

deep dive into the caverns of my soul and live questions about WHY this is and WHAT could be

try to                            build bridges                            where once there were     cracks 

scale cold mountains of closed minds until respect melts hatred and children play memory with world capitals instead of firearms
                                                                                      slip slide 
                                                                                      in slow salsa 
                                                                                      under an ink black sky
                                                                                      by a milky sliver moon

— Alexa Brownell