“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I want to transcend individual success; I want to create and share success with others.  Watching a sunset on the beach with my wife, celebrating a new birth with my family, being part of a wining team, closing the right deal for both parties, trusting and being trusted, encouraging friends achieve their dreams—all these images are part of the same picture, which is fun to watch but even more fun to produce. During my transformation at Harvard I discovered one path to make a difference: to help improve how people live in Argentina and inspire others to do so.  From our privileged position I feel the responsibility to get involved and will work hard to see a nation with strong democratic institutions, young moral leaders, a well-educated population, and world-class companies.  Starting gradually by setting an example within the private sector, I aspire to maximize my impact through extensive public work. To get there, I need to continue growing, by weighing new experiences against my values and internalizing key learning.  I risk of losing my idealism along the way, but my family and friends will support my journey and remind me about my dreams.

— Arturo Alvarez Demalde