“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
What if I...

kiss my mom and dad goodnight every time I visit them?

whisper "I love you, Pici" to Giuliana every time I think it?

smile while changing my future children's diapers, thinking "are these the joys of parenthood"?

laugh at myself when, while my mind is making grand plans for becoming CEO, I mess up the PowerPoint presentation due the next day?

look at nature wondering "who can have made this?"

regret that life is too short to see all the Impressionists' paintings, read all Hemingway's books, and spend all the time I want with my friends?

work hard all my life, always treating my coworkers as "people" rather than "resources"?

finally convince myself that no, politics in Italy is not only a dirty job for self-interested and dishonest people?

always strive to "make a difference," not by changing the world overnight but constantly and quietly improving myself and helping others, little by little, day after day?

That will be a life worth living!

— Sisto Merolla