“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Ignorance made my grandmother a young widow; the unwitting victim of culture clash. Maybe this is why building a business to help people communicate and understand each other better is my goal. Cadburys started making chocolate to employ people, not the other way round - hopefully HBS will enable me to do something similar.

Meanwhile, time is ticking. I'd love to speak ten languages by the time I'm 35, and learn the national dance of each country on my way. The next task will be to find a place where trade offs between time, happiness and achievements don't exist.

I'd like to live a life full of color, and return it fully used up. Ideally this will include being half as happy as my parents, who still giggle at the breakfast table. Or sharing some of my granny's integrity, who built a family and a business alone for half a century, knew more poems than I knew words, yet didn't know how to complain. That would be more than enough.

— Stephen Johnston