“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I want to start life over or, at least, re-acquire the lens that I had as a child. As I child I believed that anything was possible, whether it was communicating with the family dog, moving objects with my mind, or becoming President of the United States. Now, I sometimes find myself assessing risks and limitations. I want to overcome self-doubt and adult cynicisms by playing the games in life that I most fear. I want to be a successful entrepreneur and apply my lessons in using diversity to solve problems by serving in Congress. I will have an ear for how something is done in another culture and consider adopting their practice as my own. I want to display leadership through both simple, quiet actions such as recycling or being uplifting in my encounters with others and by participating in national movements to improve public policy in the United States. I want to help my wife achieve her goal of building a medical practice that benefits our community and for us to raise children that are creative and honest. I will consider new ideas and spend life being challenged by the inner-children around me. Let's face it; anything is possible except for, perhaps, moving objects with our minds.

— Richard Linder