“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
Like many here, I want to make my million and have the best family life. I want to feel that life has been good to me. I want to help those who can only repay me with their good wishes, just as I have been helped in my journey thus far.

As a kid I tried making chocolate with cream and cocoa. It wasn't good, but I pretended it was. Maybe I'll finally learn and open a dessert shop. Poets like Akhtar, Wordsworth, and Vikram Seth have skillfully given my emotions a voice; I hope my poetry, too, will give that gift to someone. I want to play the piano without formal lessons and have started teaching myself: I think I am doing OK. I want to remain clumsy and amusing. I wish to remain a dependable friend and to trust and be trusted implicitly. I want to have the power to make my wife's dreams come true.

— Prash Agarwal