“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I have worked hard to define for myself what I consider to be a life without regret, that is, a successful life. In pursuing this, I have come to realize that what is most critical is that I maintain a meaningful balance among the professional, the philanthropic, and the personal. Performing at a high level in my chosen field, giving back to and working hard to improve my community, and having a loving family all matter a great deal to me. The challenge is to hold onto the balance that is so difficult to find when so many possibilities exist.

In the end, maintaining such a balance requires making trade-offs, but making trade-offs with your eyes open, that is what makes the difference. Do I hope the world is a better place for my being in it, absolutely. To be able to say those words and know my family, friends, peers, and critics might all agree, that is the challenge I hope to overcome.

— Mark Plunkett