“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I hope to act like a big yellow highlighter, helping others (and reminding myself) to focus on the important things in life: love, laughter, health, wealth (of all kinds), and happiness. As a business leader, I hope to help people feel good about themselves by creating an enjoyable, empowering work environment which they can extend into their personal lives. My wish is to inspire all those around me to be passionately involved in life.

I hope to continue to energetically pursue my "passions" as:
a motivational leader in retail, consumer products, and/or self-improvement,
the mother of happy, healthy children,
the supporting wife of a loving husband,
a (hip hop) dancer,
an experimental baker (with chocolate as the main ingredient, of course),
a psychologist at heart,
the author of a book on organizational behavior,
a grateful daughter, sister, friend (and dog owner J),
a giver of time, energy, and money, and
a powerful vibe that destroys negativity and doubt.

— Meka Millstone