“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
To be Joe.

I have inherited two extremely different Asian cultures: Indian and Japanese. I love both of my home countries and embrace their dualities. As the only non-Japanese looking boy in my Japanese nursery school, I was asked from an early age about my cultural identity, and heard questions such as, "Do you think of yourself as Indian or Japanese?" I do not think of myself as either or even "a world citizen" for that matter. What's important for me is to continue to have the intellectual flexibility to define my own identity and beliefs. I want to always question concepts and never become complacent, simply accepting things at face value. "Does the nail that sticks out always get hammered in? Does disruptive technology really disrupt?" I want to embrace new ideas and not be encumbered by preconceived notions of "success in life." Each day, I want to deploy my talents and energy to build a life where success is not measured by financial gains but intellectual flexibility, meaningful work, caring family, and sustained friendships ...that's Joe.

— Joe Nagae