“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

I planned my wedding from the time I was three years old. That's 26 years of expectations. Was I disappointed that day after years of fantasies built upon one another? You might imagine so, but that day, videotaped only in my head, will bring me smiles for years to come. While the dress, the music, and the perfect candy hearts with our names embossed on them were all Martha Stewart "flawless," the memories are of vows of love and friendship, a new family beginning, and two people forever changed. That makes me smile.

Remember when you were angry or had had a very bad day, and your mom or friends tried to make you laugh or smile against your will? Remember how good it felt when you couldn't hold out any longer and a smile crept over your face? I'm going to try to remember those times and to make them happen for you and for me.

— Hannah Vazzana