“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
My "H-Bomb" is "house-husband." The concept is less a winning line on first dates than it is a vision. To raise my future kids—to tag along on trips to the Capitol as their elementary school "room mother," to teach them to read the New York Times, to exhort them as their cool-dad basketball coach—this is how I will judge my success.

Let's reconcile that concept with my $100,000 investment over the last two years. Thank goodness I figured out that Excel freaks me out; I realized I must spend my career as a writer. I could have followed the herd into a lucrative—but unsatisfying—career, but what I'm actually good at, what I love, is entertaining everyone with words. Fortunately, that means I can work anywhere. My first choice is at home.

Picture me cranking out "dramedy" scripts, 20something-angst novels, or the occasional TV guest spot, meanwhile living out a Cliff Huxtable fantasy where I share my life with my zany Cosby Show-esque family.

To align my professional skills and my personal dreams will be my precious luxury, showing that H-bombs like me can enjoy rewarding work in the same afternoon that we drive the carpool.

— Dan Shanoff