“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I am trying to live my life to minimize regret: I want to live so I will never have to look back and wonder what might have been. I want to trek through the Alps before I am too old and too busy. I want to live in China while I still have the chance to learn Chinese. I want to have the courage to give up a safe job to start the next Microsoft. I never want to miss the opportunity of a lifetime because I'm not alert to opportunity or unwilling to risk trying something new.

At the end, I hope to feel that I've made some small improvement in the world. It could be something as local as supporting a local Boy Scout organization or as global as helping to bring the benefits of trade and globalization to communities in India, Africa, or China. At HBS, I saw people from all over the world come together, discuss their different viewpoints peacefully, and leave wiser than when they came. I hope to help others have the same experience.

— Douglas Raymond