“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
I look at the rest of my life as one big bonus round. The decade I spent flying fighters in the Navy was a childhood dream come true – more than I ever could have asked for. But I left the Navy feeling an obligation placed on me by terrible chance – the loss of friends whose lives ended far too soon – lives that were often smarter, wiser and more honorable than mine. With each loss, I determined to become a better person, trying to make up to the world for the loss of such great people. I often fail but will always try.

I strive to bring people of very different mindsets together to help them appreciate how much they have in common and to respect or even celebrate that which makes them different. I would love to do this on a grand scale as a diplomat, helping to resolve conflict throughout the world. Whether this ends up as my path or I walk another, less visible one, I will be happy so long as I can do some of the good left undone by those who sacrificed their lives so that we may live ours to their fullest.

I'm a very lucky man for all I've been given and those whom I've met. They've all shown me how fun life is and how much I've yet to learn. I don't want any positive thought to go unsaid or someone to not know how important they are. A quote from a favorite movie – Breaker Morant - serves as my guide: "Live every day as though it were your last – one day you're sure to be right."

— Carl Petty