“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
It's simple. 

Act as an agent for enthusiasm, passion, and ethics in the organizations I join and earn the right to lead others in business. Be an evangelist for the marvel that is nature and work hard to preserve the environmental treasures this country still has. Take my wine-notes database from 500 entries to 5,000. Buy land in Mendocino County. Never lose track of a friend because of time or distance. Show the world that hiking boots really can be fashionable and that punctuality is a sign of respect. Raise children who think astronomy is cool and geometry is even cooler. Summer in England, spend the fall in Vermont, and be a regular at Carnegie Hall in the winter. And then, at the end of it all, look back with comfort that I followed my dreams and brought joy to those I met, worked with, and loved.

— Brian Tockman