Vivek Garg
Vivek Garg
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Sparta, New Jersey

Undergrad Education

Yale University

“HBS will allow me to try ideas in health care that aren't directly clinical.”

Right out of college, Vivek Garg was directly exposed to difficult health-care policy issues. As part of Congress's Medicare Payment Advisory Council (MPAC), Vivek reviewed the coordination of policies and payments. "Many doctors are reluctant to acknowledge the nonclinical factors that affect patient care, such as pricing, insurance, and organizational issues," says Vivek. "At MPAC, I got a broad exposure to how other interest groups—including payers, the government, private industry—think about medicine and care delivery." While the issues are knotty, Vivek sees a common thread among the various groups and issues: a need for coordinated leadership. "Too many of us get locked into minute battles over turf," he says. "That makes it harder to propose global changes or innovations that could improve patient care."

Opening up fresh perspectives

The joint MD/MBA program gives Vivek an opportunity to explore ideas that are not commonly addressed in medical school alone. "HBS will allow me to try ideas in health care that aren't directly clinical," he says. Among the faculty and his fellow students, he'll find insights from multiple industries. "They bring ways of thinking about organizational issues from a variety of economic perspectives," says Vivek. "Their lessons can be applied to health care as well." Specifically, Vivek wants to accumulate experience in business planning, implementation, and management, "in setting goals among teams and establishing leadership."

Analyzing care

For his first internship, Vivek worked within Millennium Pharmaceuticals' new product marketing group. "We examined changes in pricing and marketing landscapes, and analyzed their impact on our products in development, their pricing, and how they might fit under government coverage," Vivek says. After graduation, Vivek hopes to apply similar analytical approaches to clinical care. "Whether it's in a hospital or physician group setting, I want to lead efforts to review care delivery and create ways to improve its effectiveness."