Triston Francis
Home Region

New York, NY

Undergrad Education

University of Pennsylvania, BS Finance, 2012

Previous Experience

Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Google

HBS Activities

Student Association co-president, Education Rep, Management Consulting Club, Leadership & Human Capital Club, African American Student Union

“With the case method, every single class is like a theatrical performance led by the faculty.”

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Even in an institution famous for attracting determined people, Triston Francis stands out as a “man with a plan.” As early as the summer between his freshman and sophomore years of college, Triston had made attending HBS his ambition. While engaged in an internship with Google in Mountain View, California, Triston noticed that “a lot of people I looked up to had an MBA. Even in the tech world, the people I aspired to be like had an MBA – that’s what put it on my radar.”
That radar tracked one object: HBS. “I always knew HBS was my top choice,” Triston says. He ticks off his reasons: “HBS has all the resources I can imagine. It has the largest, global alumni network. And the Harvard name is able to attract anyone’s attention – that helps me achieve the goals I have in mind.” As a first-generation college graduate, Triston has an ambition that brings him full circle: “I want to inspire people in underserved communities to live their best lives.”

Pursuing the plan

“I came to HBS with three goals,” says Triston. He fulfilled the first by becoming the Education Representative for his section. Eventually, Triston would like to return to HBS to teach leadership and reinforce his credentials as a leadership authority. Serving as the Education Representative “helps me understand how our professors see the classroom experience.”

Second, Triston would like to go into consulting; he’s already secured his summer internship with Boston Consulting Group.

And finally, acting on his desire to expand his network and develop leadership skills, Triston ran for and won a role as co-president of the student body for the 2018-19 school year. “The office ties into the executive-coaching piece I’d like to do long-term.”

“Everything I do I see as a lifelong commitment,” Triston says. “I always ask myself if the way I spend my time enhances my leadership prospects. It’s hard to argue that a place like HBS doesn’t do that.” As an example, Triston offers the SIP (Short Intensive Program), ”The Life and Role of the CEO,” led by Dean Nohria. “The opportunity to hear about leadership directly from the dean was so impactful,” he says.

But even “ordinary” classes are special. “With the case method, every single class is like a theatrical performance led by the faculty. The entire section of classmates is engaged; it brings a different kind of energy to the classroom, something I’ve never seen anywhere else.”

With his BCG internship, Triston has already initiated his post-graduate plans. Further out, he says, “I’d like to bring together the C-suite executives of companies that sell to low-income communities. A better understanding of these communities can lead to better product development, a better bottom-line performance, plus an opportunity to have greater social impact.”

“HBS’ mission to educate leaders who make a difference in the world strikes a deep chord with me,” Triston concludes. “It’s an institution I want to be deeply connected with lifelong.”