Tom Adeyemi
Home Region

Woodbridge, United Kingdom

Undergrad Education

Open University

Previous Experience

L.E.K Consulting, LLC; Ipswich Town Football Club; Cardiff City Football Club; Birmingham City Football Club; Norwich City Football Club

HBS Activities

Admissions Officer for Section A

“I will be leaving HBS with the confidence to stay open to opportunities whilst making decisions according to my broader career-guiding principles.”

Coming to HBS is like...

Being thrown into a new world full of almost limitless possibilities. At every turn there are opportunities to learn, experience, and grow. The hardest part is accepting that you cannot pursue them all!

What is your most memorable classroom moment?

I'll never forget my section mates sharing their personal experiences during a Leadership and Organizational Behavior (LEAD) case on a senior executive who was debating whether to reveal her sexual orientation at work. The vulnerability that people showed in sharing their personal stories brought us closer together as a section, creating an environment of openness for our future discussions.

What is one thing you brought with you to campus, and one thing you'll be leaving with?

One thing I brought was a desire for absolute clarity on the exact steps I wanted to take in my future career. I realized pretty quickly that this was an unrealistic (and somewhat unhelpful) expectation. Rather than absolute clarity, I will be leaving HBS with the confidence to stay open to opportunities whilst making decisions according to my broader career-guiding principles. I am so excited to see what the future holds!

How have diverse perspectives in your section contributed to your understanding of business concepts, leadership, and/or problem solving?

The varied backgrounds of my section mates have contributed immensely to my learning during case discussions. Memorable classroom contributions ranged from my seatmate speaking passionately about what Maggi noodles meant to them growing up in India, to a U.S. Army veteran speaking openly about leading when faced with challenging ethical situations. Never before have I been immersed in a group with such a wide range of beliefs, perspectives, and experiences as in the HBS classroom.

If you could give one piece of advice to prospective students, what would it be?

Have strong opinions but be open to them being challenged. The case method encourages you to make decisions with incomplete information, which is a great way to practice business judgment. Some of my most powerful learning experiences have been when I saw a problem in a certain way, but a section mate brought an entirely new perspective that made me rethink my position. This flexibility of thought is an invaluable skill when leading in rapidly changing environments.