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Stockholm, Sweden

Undergrad Education

Uppsala University, BS, 2013

Previous Experience


HBS Activities

European Club, LATAM Club, Finance Club, Future of Work Club

“I want to bring financial inclusion to the four billion people in today’s informal economy.”

Why did you choose this path at this point in time?

I grew up in a very international home and I learned early on that I wanted to explore a career outside Sweden. After a few years in Latin America, working with initiatives to improve financial inclusion for informal communities, I wanted to learn more about how tackle these problems as an investor and an entrepreneur. HBS was the natural choice to explore that, build relationships, exchange ideas, and learn before going back out.

Coming to HBS is like...

...reaching a plateau ski touring a mountain. A place to reflect on the journey so far, and to prepare for what is yet to come.

Being part of the HBS community is like...

...visiting the world in one place. An incredibly inspiring collection of people, stories, and destinies. I look forward to contributing to and forming part of this group for a lifetime.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was six my dad brought me to an acting audition, and I ended up getting selected for the role. That sparked my ambition to become an actor and eight years of professional acting followed. While I eventually discovered that my passions laid elsewhere, all the improvisation and stage training have come in unexpectedly useful in life.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Food has always been at the center of my family gatherings, whether during travels or at home. Cooking during Christmas with my mother and grandmother sits high on the list.

Who is one person from your life that you admire the most today?

My grandfather. He survived the Holocaust, reunited with his family by pure coincidence, and went on to become a prominent architect in the Soviet empire, leading official architectural construction projects across the empire, from Poland and Mongolia. His life was again turned around when he was removed from his position because of his religion. In the face of the injustice and humiliation, he led my family to build a new life in Sweden. His endless resilience, ability to start anew, and kindness are traits I admire profoundly and look to for inspiration in my life.

What’s the best thing about your hometown?

The closeness to nature, most notably the archipelago. Sweden has the most islands of any country in the world and about 30 000 of those make up the Stockholm archipelago which makes for a unique setting to spend summers. Oh, and (certain) Swedish food is also undeservingly unknown.