Maurice Taylor
Maurice Taylor
Home Region

Detroit, MI

Undergrad Education

University of Michigan-Dearborn, BA Economics, 2008

Previous Experience

Foley and Lardner, Bodman LLP, Williams Williams Rattner

HBS Activities

Joint Committee on Diversity, African American Student Union (AASU), Black Law Student Association, Tenant Advocacy Project, Finance Club

“What are the policies behind business actions? A true understanding gives you a competitive advantage.”

Maurice Taylor was raised in Detroit, where his family still lives. “As a city, we’ve seen difficult times,” he says. “I’m driven to make a positive impact.” The challenge? “I needed to find an education with the optimal mix of practical lessons,” Maurice adds.

“The joint degree is the best way for me to obtain the right skills for addressing the real issues I’m interested in. Business means the opportunity for making a broad impact. But law sets the rules of the game. What are the policies behind business actions? A true understanding gives you a competitive advantage.”

Complementary programs

After legal internships with Bodman in Detroit in his junior and senior years in college, Maurice took the next step by applying to HBS and HLS. “Going into the program, some people said the schools weren’t sufficiently related,” says Maurice. “But I’ve found incredible access to knowledge by attending both schools – they complement each other well. At HBS, the most powerful component is inclusiveness; the school does a wonderful job of getting people from all backgrounds in a dialogue. We’re discussing issues that define business today and tomorrow – we need to include diverse backgrounds to move the conversation forward.”

“The Law School encourages rigorous debate. You’re forced to question your assumptions, the baselines of your argument. In class, you either reinforce your position or change it to a stronger one.” Reviewing the joint degree program as a whole, Maurice believes that it attracts, “a self-selecting group of people who want to learn as much as possible from the best minds possible.”

Power of regulations

In his first summer internship, Maurice participated in the summer associate program at Foley & Lardner in Detroit. This summer, he’s taking a business internship with J.P. Morgan, working in its investment bank’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications group. “The ‘TMT’ space is fascinating,” Maurice says, “and it will be a great way to pick up a tool set for general finance.”

In the long run, Maurice sees himself, “moving into the financial regulations space. Some people give it short shrift, but for me, it’s a passion. What are the motivations and fears of different actors? Everyone says they’re sophisticated investors, but at the end of the day, they have the same emotions as anyone else. We need to mitigate the irrational behaviors resulting from those motivations and fears. The reality is, a strong financial system requires the best and the brightest to develop appropriate regulations – not just for the good of the United States, but for the entire global economy.”