Max Seel
Max Seel
Home Region

Houghton, MI

Undergrad Education

Union College, 05, BA English and Classics

Previous Experience

Cell biologist at GE Research & Development

HBS Activities

Education Representative for Section I, Business School Blades hockey team

“There's no way you could come here and not grow.”

As an undergraduate, Max Seel had two encounters that would mold his ambitions. The first was with a professor, Tom Warren, who recruited Max into an analytical chemistry research fellowship that explored naturally occurring cylindrical carbohydrates – "molecules," Max explains, "that have unique bonding properties relevant to drug delivery." The other encounter became "the most life-changing experience" of his life: serving as a personal aide to a retired professor with Parkinson's disease. "I worked with him for over a year," Max says, "seeing the best and worst of his situation – and developing a great bond of trust with his family."

Inspired by his experiences, he applied for a research position at GE's new biosciences research facility in Schenectady. "It was a stinging interview process," that spanned six days of grilling by experienced scientists. "My passion is what saved me and got me through."

Exploring the business of science

Conducting research at GE "opened my eyes about doing research in a business sense," Max says. "I wanted to learn to speak the language of business – and gain ownership of my ideas." HBS became the place to build his business foundation. "Here, you get a taste of everything," says Max. "Marketing, economics, entrepreneurship – the Required Curriculum spans the entire business spectrum."

"HBS creates a fun yet extremely self-challenging environment," Max says. "You're taught by professors who are world-renowned in their fields. Your fellow students are some of the brightest people in the world – you can't help but be impressed by their sheer range of knowledge." The intensity of engagement continues long after the case sessions close. "The learning doesn't end at 2:30, it just keeps going. What better place to test ideas? There's no way you could come here and not grow."

Self-funded research

For his summer internship, Max is pursuing the Rock and Lebor Entrepreneurial Fellowship with an idea that applies artificial intelligence to investing in contemporary quantitative funds. He plans on using the experience to expand his interests in science. "I want to translate my experience in quant funds to work in elder care and R&D," Max says. "My goal is to become self-funded in my research, free from corporate bias. That way, I can pursue the crazy yet important ideas others cannot."