Matt Oppenheimer
Matt Oppenheimer
Home Region

Boise, ID

Undergrad Education

Dartmouth, 05, BA Psychology

Previous Experience

Cambridge Associates, senior consulting associate

HBS Activities

Communication Director, Real Estate Club; Treasurer, Squash & Tennis Club; Social Enterprise Club; Board Fellows

“Every day I get up excited about going to class. ”

Since college, Matt Oppenheimer's career choices have been guided by two passions: the "fast-paced and results driven" environment of investment banking and the social mission of nonprofits. Matt currently sits on the boards of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Advocates for Youth.

"My initial plan was to spend more time in business directly out of college," Matt says. "But I decided to get my MBA earlier to help me fulfill my nonprofit commitments more effectively."

Engaged, energized and excited

Although the case method was part of what attracted Matt to HBS, the classroom experience has, he says, "surpassed my expectations. Every day I get up excited about going to class. I know I'm going to be engaged. I know the lessons are going to be real. You learn from amazingly talented yet humble people. I'm learning about leadership, for example, from veterans who've led soldiers into combat in Iraq."

Matt believes the school's size delivers important advantages. "My initial inclination was that HBS was too big. But the section experience gives you a strong sense of community. And the school's large size offers a wealth of resources: student clubs, speakers, a vast alumni network."

The Social Enterprise Club, in particular, has opened a new level of insight. "Through activities and socially-minded cases," Matt says, "HBS shows a real emphasis on the amount of good you do in the world. Before, I had understood the way business, government and the nonprofit worlds work in a theoretical way. But the Social Enterprise Conference gave me a real framework, a way to think about social and business questions – all things that help me be a more effective fiduciary leader."

Value of direct experience

During the winter break, Matt participated in the East Africa trek with about forty HBS colleagues. Their trip to Kenya, just after the controversial elections, had special resonance. "It gave me a new perspective on how crises are portrayed internationally versus what you see on the ground, where it's much more personal and real."

For his summer internship, Matt will participate in the Global Leaders Program with Barclay's Bank in London. "It's an important step to acquiring the general management and leadership skills I want to apply after graduation," Matt says.