Limor Moshkovich
Limor Moshkovich
Home Region

Ramat-Gan, Israel

Undergrad Education

Bar Ilan University, 06, BA Economics, Political Science, Social Sciences

Previous Experience

Bezeq, Israel's telecom provider

HBS Activities

Co-CTO of TechMedia Club, International Representative for Section F, Student leader for China/Vietnam immersion

“HBS gives you the time to think about what you really want to do and focus on what you love.”

In her work at Bezeq in Israel, Limor Moshkovich became intrigued by the management possibilities. "I love technology and telecommunications," Limor says. "But to move forward into a senior position, I need something more than my gut feelings – I need something more concrete for making decisions."

What Limor saw of HBS during Admitted Students' Weekend made a deep impression on her. "I'm a people person," says Limor. "I feel it's very important to have good people around me. At HBS, everything is organized to give you the most rewarding experience possible – to transform you into something better."

Immersed in risk-taking

"What's so transformational is the chance to try everything knowing that you have the support of your professors, the HBS staff, your section mates," Limor says. "Their guidance makes it easier to take a deep breath and dive in."

Encouraged by the support she found around her, Limor helped organize an immersion to two countries she had never been to and of which she knew little: China and Vietnam. "I wanted to escape my comfort zone," says Limor. "Where else would I have the opportunity to take a leadership role outside of my element?"

In addition to her immersion duties, Limor became co-Chief Technology Officer of the TechMedia Club where she is "strengthened by a core community of students and alumni. At an alumni dinner, I talked to people who were in my position just a few years ago. I asked them how they arrived at their current positions and was able to relate their career paths to my own."

Reflection and action

HBS, Limor notes, "puts a lot of emphasis on exposing us to the world, to the international aspect of business." She sees the immersions as another way students can achieve a deeper understanding of themselves. "HBS gives you the time to think about what you really want to do and focus on what you love," Limor says.

One expression of her love will be realized this spring when she leads the HBS trek to Israel. "Usually we bring twenty to forty people," says Limor. "This year it will be eighty. I want to share what my country is all about with some of the brightest and most talented people in the business world."

During the summer, Limor will intern with British Telecom in London. Her career plans after graduation are still being formed. "As I've talked to people here, I've become more excited about operations. I'd like to take on a role in an international company engaged in change processes."