Jay Khil
Jay Khil
Home Region

Seoul, Korea

Undergrad Education

Carnegie-Mellon University, Business admin/commerce, 2008

Previous Experience

Ford Motor Co.

HBS Activities

WSA, Entertainment Media Club, Asia Business Club

“I'm still in that exploring, discovery phase.”

When interviewed in 2012, Jay Khil, MBA 2013, expressed a desire to work in either California, Korea, or Europe. As it turned out, she got two out of the three. In her EC year, Jay interned in Korea, an experience that, paradoxically, reinforced her interest in the United States.

"In Asia, the culture is different," Jay notes. "To learn and develop yourself, to build your network, it's easier to start in the U.S. After you establish your credentials in America, you’ll be more valued in Asia."

Jay initially hoped to straddle both worlds by taking a position in California, with Maxim Integrated, a semiconductor firm with a strong presence in Asia. Although Jay fulfilled two rotations within Maxim's leadership-development program, she sought assignments that would be less business-to-business related. "I wanted something more consumer oriented, something my friends would understand when I talked about it," she says.

A few months ago, Jay joined Apple's retail team in Cupertino, CA, where she manages a "hodgepodge" of projects. "It's about hands-on products," says Jay. "I love that you can walk into their stores and see and touch everything."

Impact of HBS, now and in the future

"I'm exactly at the spot I wanted to be in when I was at HBS," Jay says. "But," she adds, "I'm still in that exploring, discovery phase." Even as she explores, Jay continues to have the support of her HBS colleagues. "There's a support network around me when I have questions or when I'm unsure what I want to do. That's the biggest value I've gained from my HBS experience. A Harvard degree opens up different options in front of you."

Looking ahead five years, Jay remains interested in a career outside the United States. But in the short term, she's turning inward. "I’m working on more of the extracurricular stuff: going to the gym, doing volunteering, taking Chinese classes. That's how I'm going to figure out what I want to do next."

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Fall 2015