Jordan Amadio
Jordan Amadio
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Cazenovia, New York

Undergrad Education

Princeton University

“It's not just a degree in business, but in leadership.”

Jordan Amadio is a scientist at heart. After studying theoretical physics as an undergraduate, Jordan entered Harvard Medical School as one of just 30 participants in the Health Sciences and Technology program. A joint effort by Harvard and MIT, HST is a medical program that develops trained physician/scientists. Jordan is conducting lab investigations into neurogenetics — the ways genes contribute to normal brain development and to disease states.

Turning research into practical benefits

"Science has always been my first love," says Jordan, "yet I always wanted to go to med school—it's the best training for using science to help society." To be most productive, however, Jordan believed he needed to take an additional step. "We need physician researchers who can commercialize lab advances; who can bring them to the marketplace where they can actually help people."

An on-campus visit convinced Jordan that HBS was the right place for him. "Observing classes convinced me that that this is the training I need," he says. "At HBS, the MBA is not just a degree in business, but in leadership. What's great is that the education isn't overspecialized; it's a general approach to management and business skills that can be applied to any career."

Further training ahead

After completing his HST MD/MBA, Jordan intends to engage in more research training. The MBA component will allow him to build on his research experience. "Successful physician/scientists have to be prepared to organize, manage, and lead," says Jordan. "The MBA enriches my medical-school training in a way that will make me a better physician in the end. It even improves my research by putting my work in context—in how society uses medical technology."