Giuseppe Morgana
Home Region

Ridgefield, NJ

Undergrad Education

Boston University, Business Administration/Commerce, 2009

Previous Experience

Unilever; UBS Financial Services; Travelport

HBS Activities

TechMedia Club, Cyberposium Conference

“Beyond the formal structure of the school, what’s really great is meeting classmates who’ve pushed me to think in new ways.”

What’s the one thing you’re most excited about learning at HBS?

The number-one thing is the ability to participate in different entrepreneurial ventures. Since coming to HBS, I’ve been able to fulfill that passion through a combination of resources like the iLab, the Entrepreneur in Residence program, and the Rock Center, where I’ve attended evening sessions with guest speakers. Beyond the formal structure of the school, what’s really great is meeting classmates who’ve pushed me to think in new ways. Right now, I’m working with another student on an idea formed last semester.

How do your HBS ambitions fit into the big picture of the world beyond?

I’m passionate about looking at how different forces, like technology, are forcing dramatic shifts in the ways businesses are run. But at the same time, HBS has a great focus on thinking beyond financial results to consider the impact you have on the environment and on people’s lives. On a personal level, the school’s given me new ways to think about how I can support and motivate the people around me.

How are you pushing yourself?

I’ve been taking advantage of what the other Harvard graduate schools, like Law, the Kennedy School, and Education, have to offer. At the School of Education, I heard M. Night Shyamalan talk about America’s education gap and new ways of addressing it. Meeting with people from other schools has opened up fresh perspectives.

What might people find surprising about you?

I learned to play hockey in my senior year at Boston University, and I now play for the HBS Blades club team. Also, my father has his own pizzeria in New Jersey. What I learned through assisting my father and his experience running a restaurant since 1980, combined with my experience at Unilever, a major multinational firm, has helped broaden the thinking I bring to class discussions.