David Soled
Home Region

Venice, CA

Undergrad Education

Duke University

Previous Experience

Protégé; Cameo; Uber Technologies, Inc.

HBS Activities

Pride Board of Directors, Health & Wellness Rep for Section I

“By listening the diverse opinions and voices around me, I’ve realized that life is not a midterm: there is more than one correct solution to life and business’s most complex problems”

Coming to HBS is like...

Trying to be an EGOT winner having only worked in finance.

So many of us leave what we know to pursue our real passions, often without any prior experience or a set path. But along the way, we meet sherpas who guide us, make new friends who motivate us, and learn things about ourselves that make us better. And in the end, by graduation day, we are that much closer to getting those awards that were once only a pipe dream during our long hours on Wall Street.

What is your most memorable classroom moment?

I found my community in my peers and in pickleball, but tore my ACL. Shortly after, I had surgery and started recovery. I missed a few days of class, and on my first day back, I experienced a wide range of feelings: extreme pain in my knee, nerves about being back, and angst about the previous missed classes. However, those feelings quickly dissipated when I entered the classroom, as my professor celebrated my return, and I got overwhelming applause and cheers from my section mates. This is when I realized that I wasn't just returning to class, but to my new HBS family.

What is one thing you brought with you to campus, and one thing you'll be leaving with?

Coming from Los Angeles, I arrived on campus with a nice tan, confidence, and the belief I had accomplished a fair amount of what I wanted to achieve in my career so far. While my tan might have disappeared after my first Boston winter, I'll be leaving campus stimulated by the incredible people I get to call classmates, friends, and mentors; a broader sense of self and responsibility to leave an impact in the world; and an even bigger drive to accomplish things I didn't even know I was capable of. Oh, and I will definitely be leaving campus with too much HBS apparel.

How have diverse perspectives in your section contributed to your understanding of business concepts, leadership, and/or problem solving?

At HBS, you don't have just one professor, but a classroom of 93 professors, all of whom use their previous experiences and outlooks to share their learnings and perspectives with others. You quickly learn that 9+1=10, but so does 5x2, 15-5, and 30/3, and so on.

By listening the diverse opinions and voices around me, I've realized that life is not a midterm: there is more than one correct solution to life and business's most complex problems, and the best solution is going to be created by harnessing the knowledge of those around you.

If you could give one piece of advice to prospective students, what would it be?

Apply, apply, apply! My favorite quote is “There is a reason that the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror because what is in front of you is so much more important than what's behind you.” HBS is truly a magical place and if you take the chance and apply, you might just have the two best years of your life ahead of you.