Home Region

Birmingham, AL

Undergrad Education

Auburn University, BS, 2017

Previous Experience


HBS Activities

Management Consulting Club (co-president), Outdoors Club (co-president), Section A Admissions Rep, Crossover into Business Program (coordinator

“I was hungry for a new challenge, especially one that would open doors to new opportunities.”

Why did you choose this path at this point in time?

Skillset and network diversification after having worked in a relatively narrow career field for the past four years. I was hungry for a new challenge, especially one that would open doors to new opportunities. As to the “why now” question, I wanted an in-person MBA experience which has (for the most part) come to fruition this year!

Coming to HBS is like…

Jumping off a cliff into an ice-cold creek. First, it took a leap of faith for both me and my wife to leave established jobs and supportive communities and venture into the relative unknown. Second, we hit the water in August, and it was intense. End of RC fall and recruiting has felt like emerging from the water and laying on a warm rock in the sun (don’t tell my FIN2 prof that though).

Being part of the HBS community is like…

Peeling back an onion. I’m constantly surprised by the depth of conversations I experience on a daily basis and relish in the opportunity to know my classmates on a consistently deeper level.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A LEGO set designer, despite having nearly zero natural talent in terms of industrial design or artistic creativity. Most people claim to be “into” LEGOs as a kid. With all due respect to those individuals, they couldn't come close to a fraction of the time I spent with my plastic bricks.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

In eighth grade, I visited the largest sports card and memorabilia show in the world, the National Sports Collectors’ Convention. I arrived at the show with $465 in cold hard cash earned mowing lawns, and after 48 straight hours of shrewd planning, masterfully executed negotiations, and [redacted quantity] of Red Bull, had blown the entirety of my budget on now worthless baseball cards. I couldn’t have cared less.

Who is one person from your life that you admire the most today?

My dad grew up in central Florida to two working parents without significant access to means, but was fortunate enough to be a first-generation college student. I can’t count the number of sacrifices he made (professionally and personally) to ensure that my brother and I had a quality of childhood that surpassed his own. To an extent, getting into HBS was as much a realization of my family’s dreams as it was my own.

What’s the best thing about your home town?

Aside from the fact that Birmingham, AL will play host to 60+ HBS students for FIELD projects in spring 2022? I would point to the revitalization occurring downtown (fantastic new football and baseball stadiums, railroad depots-turned-greenspace, and a culinary scene that punches well above its weight).