When students come to HBS with partners or families, the entire HBS community is enriched. That's why HBS strives to create a warm and welcoming environment from the moment they arrive.

More than 500 registered partners come to HBS with nearly 30 percent of our MBA students.  Of all registered partners, approximately 15 percent have children.

In addition to being an integral part of everyday life on the HBS campus, partners can deepen their community involvement in two ways: by registering with MBA Partner Services managed by Student & Academic Services, and by joining the Partners' Club and/or the Crimson Parents Club.

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MBA Partner Program

The HBS MBA community offers opportunities and services to help students' spouses, significant others, and partners from around the world transition to life at HBS, meet one another, and integrate fully into the HBS community. Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend HBS-sponsored partner events, join HBS clubs, and take advantage of campus services.

Partners eligible to register with HBS receive many of the same great benefits as students, like an HBS Partner ID card (to join our fitness center and use library resources) and access to some MBA Career & Professional Development services.

Please contact partners+hbs.edu for more information.

Partners' Club

Managed by current MBA partners, the Partners' Club was founded in 1984 as a unique and independent community for the "significant others" of HBS students. Members rely on each other as they adjust to a new lifestyle, find friendship among people who have faced similar emotions and experiences moving to a new community, and enjoy this new and different phase of their lives together.

Social, cultural and informational activities for club members offer opportunities to be involved in the Harvard and greater Boston community. Through book clubs, dinners, field trips to local Boston activities/sporting events and volunteer opportunities, partners build real community as members of the Partners' Club.

Crimson Parents Club

Crimson Parents Club helps families transition to life at HBS by creating a network of support through the following: community outreach, assisting in matriculation, mentoring program, and addressing the unique needs of the student parent, their partner, and their children.  Crimson Parents Club events are family friendly and include educational activities for children, parenting seminars, speaker series on life balance, and family parties throughout the year.