Prospective students are often curious about whether partners and families are integrated into life at HBS. The answer is a resounding yes! HBS warmly welcomes significant others and children into the campus community. Download the HBS Partner Resources Flyer and read below to learn more.

MBA Partner Resources

Partners are vital members of the thriving HBS community. Some of the resources and support services available to HBS partners, in addition to ways one might engage further, are outlined below.

For general questions, please contact MBA Partner Services, which is managed by Student & Academic Services (SAS).

Has your student committed to HBS? Make your partner status official by registering with SAS. Your student can help you access the form (they must log in), which also allows you to indicate your communication preferences.


There are several resources available to start an apartment search, what to look for in an apartment, what fees to expect, etc.

  • One Western Avenue and Soldiers Field Park are two Harvard University apartment complexes adjacent to the HBS campus. There are several other Harvard University owned properties that house HBS students and families as well.
  • There are many off-campus housing options in the greater Boston area, many within an easy commuting distance to the School.

Student Association

The HBS Student Association (SA) strives to create an invaluable and rewarding MBA experience for students and partners. Partners are welcome at all SA events!

The SA includes a Chief Families Officer and a Chief Partners Officer, both filled by partners who are dedicated to making the family and partner experience great. Partners can also take a leadership role by becoming the Partner Rep or the Family Rep in their student’s section.

Student Clubs

Partners are invited to join any of the 95+ student-run clubs. Participating in club activities can be a great way both to explore interests and meet some of your closest friends.

Partners Club
The Partners' Club provides value to on-campus partners seeking opportunities to socialize and network with other partners. Eligible members include spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, fiances, and domestic partners. Please contact and find us on Instagram.

Crimson Parents Club
The Crimson Parents Club helps families make the transition to HBS by addressing the unique needs of the student parent, their partner, and their children through family-friendly events throughout the year. Please contact for more information.

MoMBAs (Mom MBAs)
The MoMBAs is a group that focuses on community and improving the HBS experience for student-moms, moms-to-be, and everyone who is interested in parenthood.

Career Resources

Career & Professional Development (CPD) makes career information and resources available to partners for professional and personal development: Two 40-minute 1:1 coaching sessions, Career Leader™ Self-Assessment Tool, Electronic LinkedIn makeover, Job Search Resources, Harvard Job Boards, and Baker Library (1:1 consultations with Baker Library librarian, access to databases and select business journals, and access to other select Harvard libraries).

Connect with Us

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