Prospective students are often curious about whether partners and families are integrated into life at HBS. The answer is a resounding yes. HBS warmly welcomes significant others and children into the campus community. 

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MBA Partner Program

Incoming HBS partners are encouraged to register with MBA Partner Services, which is managed by Student & Academic Services. Partners receive many of the same great benefits as students, like an HBS Partner ID card (to join our fitness center and use library resources) and access to some MBA Career & Professional Development services. Partners are also encouraged to attend HBS-sponsored partner events and join HBS clubs.

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Student Clubs

Participating in one of the 80+ student-run clubs at HBS can be a great way both to explore interests and meet some of your closest friends. Learn more here

Partners Club
The Partners' Club provides a unique and independent community for the significant others of Harvard Business School students. The Club hopes to acclimate new partners to HBS life and broaden its members' experiences through a variety of events. Eligible members include spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, fiances, and domestic partners. Read more here

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Crimson Parents Club
The Crimson Parents Club serves as a resource for families at HBS. The club hosts a speaker series, holiday parties, field trips, mother/father nights out, and educational groups including music, dance, yoga, soccer, sign language and more.

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Emily Lillie:
Joe Lillie:
Calianne Brown:
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MoMBAs (Mom MBAs)
The MoMBAs is a group that focuses on community and improving the HBS experience for student-moms, moms-to-be, and everyone who is interested in parenthood.

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Nancy Hu:
Nikki Miller:


Coming to HBS with a Partner Webinar
Current students discuss what it was like to come to HBS with a significant other.

Coming to HBS with Kids Webinar
Hear from a panel of student parents about family life at HBS.

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