The SA is composed of the Executive Committee, Senate, Social Committee, SA Office, and the various committees comprised of section officers (Presidents, Educational Representatives, Career Representatives, Technology Representatives,  Community Values Representatives, etc.).

The Executive Committee consists of the two Co-Presidents and Chief Financial Officer of SA, the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Community Officer, Chief Events Officer, Chief Development Officer, Chief Inclusion Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Wellness Officer. The committee is responsible for major SA decisions, fiscal responsibility of the SA, and management of the SA Office. The Executive Committee is elected in a class-wide election by the first-year students in February/March.

The Senate is the legislative body of the SA and interfaces directly with administrative and faculty groups on campus through various committees (Academic, Operations, etc.). It is composed of one Senator from each section (both first- and second-year) and representatives from each of the other major committee (Presidents, Technology, Community Values, International, etc.). The Senate is led by a Senate President.

The Social Committee plans many major social events on campus, including TGIFs, Holidazzle, and graduation gala.

Section officers are responsible for leadership of their respective sections and for representing the sections in various campus-wide initiatives. Sections are led by Section Presidents who are responsible for setting section agendas, running section meetings, and moderating any discussions or issues that may arise in the section.