Diverse Ability Affinity Group (DAAG)

The Diverse Abilities Affinity Group (DAAG) has a mission to destigmatize the experience at HBS of living with or being the caretaker of someone with a disability. We cherish the unique perspectives that these individuals bring to every academic, professional, and social setting – and we seek to create more space for their voices to be heard and celebrated.

In pursuit of this goal, we aim to work closely with the administration to ensure easily accessible accommodations for all students, prospective students, alumni, and their families. We also want to create greater awareness of these issues through community events, speaker series, listening tours, and more.

Cassidy Wald, cwald@mba2023@hbs.edu
Landon Hollingsworth, lhollingsworth@mba2024.hbs.edu


The Harbus News Corporation is a non-profit self-funded news organization of Harvard Business School run by students. This organization is a publisher of The Harbus, bringing free news to Harvard community since 1937. Today it is available both in print and online.

The Harbus newspaper includes interviews with CEOs, features on HBS companies from startups to established corporations, perspectives on pressing issues worldwide, as well as various content provided by the HBS community.

Zeynep Selamat, zselamet@mba2023.hbs.edu
Alexandra Smith, asmith@mba2023.hbs.edu

Harbus Foundation

Michi Ferreol, mferreol@mba2021.hbs.edu
Alice Wang, awang@mba2021.hbs.edu

Mailing Address
Harvard Business School
1322 HBS Student Mail Center
Boston, MA 02163

Joint Degree Program Associations

Harvard Business School partners with other Harvard graduate schools to offer joint programs leading to joint degrees. These programs allow students to complete requirements for both degrees in less time than if pursued separately. Visit Joint Degree Programs for more program information.

Students in these programs are able to formalize into a Joint Degree Program Association under MBA Student & Academic Services. Below is information on several such associations.

JD/MBA Association

Mission Statement
To build a JD/MBA personal and professional network that begins at Harvard and continues after graduation and to support one another in navigating through the JD/MBA program.

Annual Events
Fall Reception
Informational Seminars

JD/MBA Representatives (EC Co-Presidents)
Kareem Stanley, kstanley@mba2024.hbs.edu
Danielle Suh, dsuh@mba2024.hbs.edu

HKS/HBS Association

Mission Statement
To connect current HKS/HBS students and alumni, educate the growing number of prospective students about the pros and cons of the joint degree, and to advocate on behalf of the HKS/HBS joint degree student community for curriculum and services that better meet our needs.

Annual Events
Monthly Happy Hours/Socials
"The Real Deal about the MPP/ MPA/MBA" student panel (One one for HKS, One one for HBS)

Association Officers (Co-Presidents)
Cherie Chung, cchung@mba2024.hbs.edu (RC Co-president)
Elena Bauer, ebauer@mba2023.hbs.edu (EC Co-president)

MD/MBA Association

Mission Statement
To build a strong community of Harvard MD/MBA students and alumni to support and enrich our collective interest in both medicine and business.

MD/MBA Representatives (EC Co-Presidents)
Evan Beiter, ebeiter@mba2023.hbs.edu
Kevin Huang, khuang@mba2023.hbs.edu

MD/MBA Representatives (RC Co-Presidents)
Azan Virji, avirji@mba2024.hbs.edu
Pooja Chandrashekar, pchandrashekar@mba2024.hbs.edu

MS/MBA Biotechnology: Life Sciences Student Association

Mission Statement

To build a strong community of Harvard MS/MBA students and alumni to support and enrich our collective interest in both life sciences and business.

MS/MBA Biotech Representatives (EC Tri-Presidents)
Frances Wu, fwu@mba2023.hbs.edu
Amna Ali, aali@mba2023.hbs.edu
Stef Trepekli, strepekli@mba2023.hbs.edu

MS/MBA Biotech Representatives (RC Tri-Presidents)
Michael Lee, milee@mba2024.hbs.edu
Connie Li, coli@mba2024.hbs.edu
Aaron Edwards, aedwards@mba2024.hbs.edu

MS/MBA: Engineering Sciences Student Association

Mission Statement
To build a strong community of Harvard MS/MBA students and alumni to support and enrich our collective interest in both engineering and business.

MS/MBA Representative (EC President)
Tara Basu Trivedi, tbasutrivedi@mba2023.hbs.edu

MS/MBA Representative (RC Presidents)
Curren Iyer, ciyer@mba2024.hbs.edu
Trang Luu, tluu@mba2024.hbs.edu

For more information about the Joint Degree Program Association at HBS, please contact Irene Pak at ipak@hbs.edu or Jill Fadule at jfadule@hbs.edu.


The MoMBAs is a group of student mothers and student mothers-to-be. Members of this group are a support to one another, sharing strategies for managing academics, family, and all that falls under the work/life umbrella.

Zoe Ofer, zofer@mba2023.hbs.edu
Marisa Osborne, mosborne@mba2023.hbs.edu

Student Investment Fund

Information seminar on student experiences in investment management
Monthly club meetings, where MBA students are given the opportunity to "pitch" stocks for inclusion in the SIF
Ongoing visits from professionals at leading investment management organizations

Co-Portfolio Manager

Akil Fernando, afernando@mba2023.hbs.edu
Cynthia Roberts, croberts@mba2023.hbs.edu
Cici Xie, cxie@mba2023.hbs.edu

Mailing Address
Harvard Business School
c/o Investment Club
# 2142 Student Mail Center
Boston, MA 02163