New members are first welcomed to the AASU family at our annual fall retreat. From there, they are supported throughout the RC year with informative workshops, panels and alumni events. These events primarily focus on academic excellence, recruiting / career support and community building. Many of our events are designed to engage the broader HBS and Harvard community and highlight the role of AASU member within their respective sessions, including community-wide discussion on The 1619 Project and the student-led “MyTakes,” and diversity-focused panels. The Naylor H. Fitzhugh Conference is the culminating event for AASU. It gives prospective and admitted students an opportunity to engage with the current AASU membership, facilitates networking between current students and alumni and provides a platform for the club to honor industry leaders — many of whom are AASU alumni.

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Nahum Seifeselassie
Kristen Shipley

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Krystal Nzeadibe

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Student Clubs of HBS, Inc. - African American Student Union
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