For verification of MBA degrees or current attendance in the MBA Program:

You may request MBA verification by e-mail. Please provide your name and contact information, the full name of the alumnus/a to be verified, and his or her year of graduation, if available. Verifications are usually returned within two business days.

Contact Information
Fax 617.496.3955

Harvard Business School
MBA Registrar Services
Spangler Center 2nd Floor
117 Western Avenue
Boston, MA 02163

Non-MBA Program Verifications

To verify Harvard Business School Executive Education Certificate Program attendance (AMP, OPM, PMD, etc.) please contact Harvard Business School Executive Education at 617.495.6555 or e-mail

To verify Harvard Business School's Doctor of Business Administration degree (DBA) please contact the Doctoral Program Office at 617.495.6101, or e-mail