The cross-registration deadline for the Fall 2021 term has passed; please check back to this page in December for information about the Spring 2022 term (we do not have any January courses available for cross-registration). If you are interested in auditing, please see our page regarding this process (audit request deadline is 8am on September 10.)

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING IN-PERSON CLASS ATTENDANCE: All students attending a class in-person are required to have cleared their home school's vaccination requirements and received a negative test in Color or their home school's testing program upon their arrival. Interested Cross-Registrants are permitted to attend the first day of class before they know if their enrollment petition has been approved as long as they've met the above requirements. Masks are required in all HBS buildings.

Please note that students will be expected to attend Fall 2021 HBS classes in person.

Cross-Registration Petition Process

  1. Determine Your Eligibility

  2. MBA Program Elective Curriculum

    Cross-registrants are limited to the equivalent of six credits per term in any combination of "Long" (full-term) courses (3 credits) or "Short" (half-term) courses (1.5 credits). Cross-Registration is permitted only in MBA Program Elective Curriculum (2nd Year) courses and is contingent upon meeting the following criteria:

    • - Students must be in "good standing" at their home school.
    • - Students must be enrolled in a graduate level degree program at one of the following:
      • - Harvard University
      • - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      • - The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

    Fellows of Harvard University are eligible for Cross-Registration as auditors only. Please visit Course Planning Resources for details.

    Harvard, Tufts, and MIT undergraduate students are not eligible for Cross-Registration at HBS.

    Harvard University Extension School students are not eligible for Cross-Registration at HBS.

  3. Research Courses of Interest

  4. Course Planning Resources

    1. Visit Course Planning Resources to learn which courses will accept Cross-Registration petitions and to explore course content and schedules.

    2. Determine which selection process (lottery or faculty) each eligible course will use.

    3. Gain access to HBS Canvas, see step #4 in the process. HBS uses a different instance of Canvas from the rest of Harvard so you will need to log in to that version in order to see the course(s).

    Selection Process

    Students enroll in HBS-MBA courses via 1 of 2 methods:

    Lottery: Open seats will be distributed via lottery. Please be sure to separately rank your course(s) via the link visible on My.Harvard under the heading, “Enrollment Event.” (This will display about 1 hour after petition is submitted.)

    Faculty Selection: Students will submit their resume to the faculty who choose students that will be admitted. Please see the details outlined in "Class Notes" for the course in the HU Catalog. Follow this process in conjunction with submitting a petition.

  5. Submit Online Petition

  6. Online Petition Process and Deadline

    Fall 2021

    Petitions will be accepted starting on August 25, 2021. The deadline is 6pm on September 2, 2021. Lottery rankings are due no later than 8am on September 3, 2021. Please note that while HBS will start accepting petitions on August 25th your home school also has a date on which you will be permitted to submit them. If you experience any problems, please check with your home school for assistance.

    HU Graduate Students

    Submit petitions online through My.Harvard.

    MIT Students

    Submit petitions through the MIT course registration portal where you will have a chance to claim your Harvard Key.

    If you have not done so already, claim your HarvardKey. You will receive an automated email which will contain your HUID number and instructions on how to claim your Harvard Key.

    Tufts/Fletcher Students

    If you have not done so already, claim your HarvardKey. You will receive an automated email which will contain your HUID number and instructions on how to claim your Harvard Key.

    Submit petition on-line at Harvard University Cross-registration. Please note that faculty approvals may automatically appear on your online petition; this does not indicate that you are enrolled in the course.

    *Harvard Fellows

    See FAQ page for registration instructions.

  7. Request Temporary Canvas Login Credentials

  8. Complete Credentials Poll

    HBS uses a separate version of Canvas that is different than the rest of Harvard University. You may request temporary login credentials so that you may access HBS Canvas and attend early sessions of the course by filling out a poll.

    HBS Cross-Registration Login Poll

    These credentials will be deactivated soon after the term starts. If you are successfully enrolled in a course, new personalized login credentials will be sent to you.

    Once you receive the credentials, do not change the password on this account even if you are asked to do so.

    You must enter your school affiliated email address in the poll ( in order for the login information to be sent to you.

  9. Cross-Registration Petition Results

  10. Enrollment results

    Enrollment results will be emailed to you directly on or before Sunday, September 5, 2021. Please be sure to check your email.

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