IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING IN-PERSON CLASS ATTENDANCE: All students attending a class in-person are required to have cleared their home school's vaccination requirements and received a negative test in Color or their home school's testing program upon their arrival. Interested Cross-Registrants are permitted to attend the first day of class before they know if their enrollment petition has been approved as long as they've met the above requirements. Masks are required in all HBS buildings.

Plans for the 2021-2022 school year are still developing. Please be sure to check back often for updates.

Fall 2021 Course Schedule

This document is updated frequently! Be sure to check back here for updates over the coming days.

Fall 2021 Courses Open to Cross-Registration

It is important to note that some HBS courses will not be open to cross registrants while others may be open but are in high demand from HBS students and therefore may not have space available for cross-registrants.

HBS Course Catalog: Elective Curriculum 2021-22

Online catalog describing course format and content. Please note that Cross-Registration is permitted only in 2nd Year Elective Curriculum courses.

Please visit the HBS Faculty Directory where you can examine faculty biographies and find contact information.

Course Catalog: Elective Curriculum 2021-22

Harvard Course Catalog: Elective Curriculum 2021-22

Online course catalog for classes across Harvard University.

Harvard University Course Catalog (my.harvard)

Academic Calendar 2021-22

The Academic Calendar indicates the days on which classes are held at HBS. This version of the calendar is for the exclusive use of non-HBS students ony. If you are enrolled in the MBA program, please login to MyHBS for all of your calendar and course schedule information.

Academic Calendar 2021-22

What is the X/Y Schedule?

The Academic Calendar at HBS is broken into the X/Y schedule. That is, most HBS courses fall on either an X day or a Y day.

X classes meet on Monday, Tuesday, and some Wednesdays.

Y classes meet on Thursday, Friday, and some Wednesdays.

About Wednesdays

If you are enrolled in a class at HBS you will need to know if it is an X class or a Y class and on what Wednesdays your course will meet. That information can be found by looking at the Academic Calendar. X days are green, Y days are blue and you will see that some Wednesdays are blue while others are green. You will be expected to be in class on all Wednesdays when your course is meeting as indicated on this calendar.

Auditors and Harvard Fellows (ALI, Nieman, etc.)

Auditors can enroll in HBS classes, pending faculty permission and the availability of seats, after all students taking courses for credit have been assigned their enrollments. The process is as follows:

  1. Research your courses of interest.
  2. Reach out to the faculty regarding permission. In some cases you may be asked to forward your CV/Resume to the faculty for review.
  3. After permission is granted, complete the HBS Cross-Registration poll (poll will be live here on September 1st). It will close on September 10, 2021 at 8am. Enrollments will be processed and you will be emailed HBS login information if your are enrolled in the class. After completing the poll, students will be provided with temporary login information and further instructions.
Case Method Workshop

Please plan to attend a Case Method Workshop lead by Professor John Macomber on September 2, 2021 at 3:30pm. A link for the session will be sent to you when you recieve your temporary log in credentials. For more information, you may also visit our website.

The HBS Classroom: Inside the Case Method

Campus Map & Directions

Learn how to get to campus, find buildings, and more.

Campus Map & Directions

View details about the Cross-Registration petition process.

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