If your diploma has been destroyed or is irrecoverably lost, MBA Registrar Services can order a replacement diploma from the University for a $115.00 fee. The order process takes approximately 4-6 months.

Please note that the replacement diploma will not be an exact replica of the original. For additional information, please contact our office at 617.495.6247 (Option 6) or by email at registrar+hbs.edu.

To request a replacement diploma, please send a notarized request including:

  • The reason for requesting a replacement diploma
  • Your diploma name and year of graduation
  • Your mailing address
  • Your signature
  • A check or money order made payable to Harvard University for US $115.00

Send the letter to:

Harvard Business School
MBA Registrar Services - Replacement Diploma
Spangler Center 2nd Floor
Soldiers Field
Boston, MA 02163