Brand & Style Guidelines

The Harvard Business School name and shield are trademarks and their use is governed by explicit rules and guidelines. All members of the community must respect and maintain the integrity of the HBS name and logo. Complete identity guidelines for Harvard Business School are found on the Marketing & Communications Brand & Style Guide website.

Policies & Guidelines

The Harvard University Office for Technology and Trademark and Licensing must authorize any use of trademarks, such as the school’s name and its shield. The SA Products office is authorized to produce items bearing the HBS name and shield and has existing relationships with vendors. If a student or student organization does not work with the SA Products office, they must receive permission from to use the school’s name and the HBS shield, even for items not intended for sale, such as club or conference t-shirts. Specific information regarding student club marketing and merchandise is found on the MBA Clubs website (log-in required).

HBS students may not endorse donated products and services or organizations providing support for an event. Companies working with student organizations may not use the school’s name or that of an MBA student organization to promote products or services.