It is the strong and consistent policy of the Harvard Business School to treat all members of our community with respect, to provide an environment conducive to learning and working, and to ensure equal access to rights, privileges and opportunities without regard to race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, age, ancestry, veteran status, disability, military service, or any other legally protected basis. Discrimination or harassment on the basis of these characteristics is inconsistent with HBS principles and policies.

The University has adopted new Non-Discrimination and Anti-Bullying policies and procedures. These policies apply to all students, faculty, staff, researchers and other members of the Harvard community across all Schools and units, including HBS.

Whenever a formal complaint of discrimination or bullying is investigated in accordance with the University’s non-discrimination and anti-bullying policies and procedures, and those procedures result in a finding that a policy violation has occurred, then sanctions or remedial measures will be determined by HBS’ Appropriate Official or designee(s), as set forth in those procedures. The HBS Appropriate Official or designee(s) must accept the finding of a policy violation as final and non-reviewable. The only opportunity to appeal the determination of a policy violation is provided within the University’s non-discrimination and anti-bullying policies and procedures. Decisions about sanctions and remedial measures are final and cannot be appealed.

The following Local Designated Resources in HBS serve as a resource for receiving reports and complaints, directing community members to resources, and providing information on supportive measures:

If you need guidance about a situation involving a student, contact Benjamin Longstreth, Associate Director, MBA Community Standards and Program Services.

If you need guidance about a situation involving a faculty member, contact Jean Cunningham, Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs.

If you need guidance about a situation involving a staff member, contact Sally Robinson, Director, Human Resources.

At HBS, the following individuals have been designated as Appropriate Officials, who serve as the final authority to issue any sanctions under the University’s non-discrimination and anti-bullying policies:

For situations involving students, the Appropriate Official is Jana Kierstead, Executive Director, MBA and Doctoral Programs, or her designee.

For situations involving faculty members, the Appropriate Official is Srikant Datar, Dean of the Faculty, or his designee.

For situations involving staff members, the Appropriate Official is Ellen Mahoney, Chief Human Resources Officer, or her designee.