The University supports responsible experimentation with generative AI tools, but there are important considerations to keep in mind when using these tools, including information security and data privacy, compliance, copyright and academic integrity. Generative AI is a rapidly evolving technology and HBS’ policies may be updated from time to time. Students are expected to remain informed.

Faculty may allow the use of ChatGPT and similar technologies in some circumstances, but students must ensure that such use is permitted and must make sure they understand any limitations on such use before using this technology. In using ChatGPT or other generative AI tools, students must be aware of their limits and apply best practices to their use:

  • Protect confidential data: Students should not enter data classified as confidential (Level 2 and above), including non-public research data, into publicly-available generative AI tools, in accordance with the University’s Information Security Policy. Information shared with generative AI tools using default settings is not private and could expose proprietary or sensitive information to unauthorized parties.
  • Students are responsible for any content that they produce or publish that includes AI-generated material: AI-generated content can be inaccurate, misleading, or entirely fabricated (sometimes called “hallucinations”), or may contain copyrighted material. Students must review all AI-generated content very carefully, recognizing that they are responsible for the accuracy of any work they submit.
  • As clarified in the HBS Citation Guide, students must cite their use of these AI tools appropriately. Not doing so violates the MBA Honor Code, just as would failing to cite any other source.
  • Students should connect with HBS IT before procuring generative AI tools. HBS IT will coordinate with Harvard University IT (HUIT), as the University is working to ensure that tools procured on behalf of Harvard have the appropriate privacy and security protections and provide the best use of Harvard funds. If students have procured or are considering procuring generative AI tools or have questions, contact HBS IT at Vendor generative AI tools must be assessed for risk by Harvard’s Information Security and Data Privacy office prior to use.