Students are responsible for complying with all expectations for conduct set forth in this Student Handbook, including without limitation upholding the MBA Honor Code and HBS Community Values of honesty, integrity, respect for others, and personal accountability. They are expected to conduct themselves professionally in all academic, recruiting, or social settings. Below are sample violations of Honor Code, Community Values, and HBS policies:

Plagiarism / Cheating / Unauthorized Class Preparation

  • Plagiarizing, copying (or allowing another to copy), or in any way giving or receiving unpermitted aid on any exercise or exam, including distribution or use of notes by students without the explicit intention of having the notes serve as the basis for their own small group discussion
  • Using discussion group notes without individual preparation/ analysis
  • Sharing or receiving notes or write-ups from students who have participated in previous class discussions (e.g., earlier in the day or in a previous term)
  • Exceeding exam time limits
  • Misattribution or non-attribution of ideas or words in papers or exams
  • Self-plagiarism, including submission of essentially the same work for more than one course; giving/seeking unauthorized assistance or information on exams or papers

Misrepresentation / Failure to Disclose

  • Failure to make full and truthful disclosure in conduct reviews
  • Misrepresenting personal records (e.g., employment, academic, criminal) to HBS officials, recruiters, or others
  • Misrepresenting or failing to disclose intent of research or field study
  • Misrepresenting one's identity (e.g., when sending an email)
  • Unauthorized use of HBS or Harvard name or resources

Inappropriate Behavior / Social Activity

  • Excessive alcohol resulting in complaints or harmful behavior
  • Loud/disruptive parties
  • Disrespect to staff or faculty
  • Offensive or threatening behavior or comments (verbal or written) based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or ethnicity
  • Violations of the Harvard University Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy

Illegal Activity

  • Any criminal action or conduct as defined by state or federal laws