The Harvard University Student Accounts Office manages billing for tuition and fees. Harvard University’s Student Financial Services (SFS) Office emails notification of fall charges in July. Students will not be permitted to register for fall classes if they do not pay all charges from the previous year as well as their fall charges by term start. Current year financial aid may not be used to pay prior year charges. Similarly, students may not register for the spring semester if they have a prior balance on their Student Account.

Students will receive notifications of bills by e-mail and can view their student account using their Harvard Key. Payments may be made electronically or by check. Credit cards are not accepted.

Charges for tuition and fees and all other charges such as rent, pharmacy charges, parking fees must be paid in full by the due dates indicated on the Student Account. Any returned checks submitted as payment for students’ bills will be redeposited; there is a charge assessed for dishonored checks.

If students’ scholarships/fellowships and loans are greater than the amount due on the bill (including any rent due for the rest of the semester), they may request a refund for the credit amount after the beginning of the semester.

Sponsored students with third party contracts are ultimately responsible for payment of their bills.

Graduating students must pay all billed charges, including rent, prior to Commencement.